POOL ID : 291173f43cc28027f0b61d5d22825189aeef3e7e128fa37fef46beb4

Pledge : 100 000 ADA - MinIMUM FIXED FEES - 1,5% VARIABLE FEES

Mission Statement

The “GHISX Stakepool” aims to secure the Cardano network by running a competitive 24/7 pool on the cardano blockchain helping secure the network and create a decentralized future. The low fees ensure longevity and sustainability of the pool by providing a secure and reliable pool to delegators.

Added value to Cardano

We are active on reddit under the username u/GhisX or on twitter (@ghisxpool) where we try to help the community and strive to provide insights to educate the community as I think that it is important to be able to reach the goal of a decentralized future. You can also contact us anytime on twitter, telegram or by email to get in touch with us and ask any questions.

We will also always support the network by running testnet networks to help detect bugs and provide feedback.

Hardware specifications

Ghisx stakepool is built on VPS servers located across Europe with the best security practices implemented to provide a global geographic distribution of nodes and ensure uptime.

VPS specifications for the core node:
8 cores, 32GB memory, 2Gbps network line

VPS specifications for each of the 2 relay nodes:
8 cores, 32GB memory, 2Gbps network line

As the network involves and becomes more utilized, we will upgrade our servers to always ensure the best quality possible and without ever increasing our fees.